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Spring 2011 Trend Reports: Colour-Block Brights

Various, London

Bright, block colour is a major fashion trend this summer. Retailers are utilising on this trend to grab our attention. The stores have not just presenting their bright fashion in the windows, it’s in the window schemes themselves. Bright stock against bright background but also combined with white. Although this trend is mostly about mixing different block coloured together – I have thrown in some bright print windows as well.

Burberry, Brompton Road. Like the concept with the bags and the coloured acrylic, but the stock on the mannequins is a styling mistake..

Louis Vuitton, Sloane Street summer travel themed windows are deliciously coloured. Love the keys in the background.

Prada, Bond Street opted for an orange backdrop for their colourful accessories.

Zara TRF, Oxford Street mix up the coloured fashion with white and trow in some cool bright wigs.

I can’t remember who this is at all (terrible I know..), but nice use of mixing the bright prints with white.

Matthew Williamson capsule bag collection for BVLGARI, Bond Street.

Stella McCartney, Bruton Street. Fruit patterns are a key print in Stella’s summer collection. definitely fresh, but not sure if you would catch me wearing something like this..

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Camouflage in Prada

Prada, Old Bond Street, London

The new Prada windows give a camouflage to their new autumn/winter collection, which is all about, wait for it… camouflage! Everything; the mannequins, the floors, the backdrop are all camouflage printed to the extend that you can’t see where the scheme ands and where the products are. As a customer it makes you stop and look for them and spend longer in front of the window. although I find the windows impressive as a concept, I struggle to think the camouflage print products will fly off the shelves.

Mannequins and the dresses are blending in to the background.

The mirrored units provide an even further deception that the print is everywhere in the windows. The print comes in different colours: pink, red and brown. Check out the cool dog.

The poor dog is the least camouflaged thing in the whole window. It’s really cool though. I think it’s made out of a juicer or something.

Detail of a mannequin in the same window.

Not sure about those shorts..

Spring on Bond Street

Bond Street, London

There was a spring in my step when I visited Bond Street- the main luxury shopping street in London. Sales are now over, and it’s all about the new season. The highlights for me were the cut-out outfits at Hermes (who are fast becoming one of my favourites when it comes to windows), a pair of kick-ass Prada heels and the nautical luxury at Ralph Lauren.

The Burberry flagship store windows pretty much consist of golden pedestal blocks, check patterned hanging elements and headless mannequins. The faces of  their spring/summer 2010 campaign, British actress Emma Watson and the indie boy of the band One Night Only serve as a backdrop. The fashion statement is all about pretty macs and dresses for women and preppy pastels for men.

I used to make loads of clothes for my paper dolls when I was young, so no wonder I like the idea taken into these displays at Hermes.

This gorgeous pair of shoes can be found in the Prada windows. Yes, please!!

These surreal hallways remind me of Alice in Wonderland with the countless small doorways. When is the Tim Burton Alice film coming out anyways?

This tiny bit freaky mannequin and Mulberry bags ride a carousel.

We are sailing – in a very luxury way at Ralph Lauren.