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John Lewis Christmas 2013

Peter Jones, Sloane Square, London

If you live in the UK you may have seen the John Lewis Christmas TV advert; the animated tale of a bear and a hare. The windows carry the same theme with animals made out of household products. A clever way to create windows that are all about the product, but in a very creative way.

John Lewis Christmas 2013-2

John Lewis Christmas 2013-3

John Lewis Christmas 2013-4

John Lewis Christmas 2013-5

John Lewis Christmas 2013-1

John Lewis Christmas 2013-6

John Lewis Christmas 2013-7

John Lewis Christmas 2013-8

Here is a link to a ‘making of’ video by The Telegraph: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/topics/christmas/10399898/Christmas-2013-Creating-the-John-Lewis-Christmas-shop-window.html.




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Wonderfully Wild Christmas at Liberty

Liberty of London, Great Marlborough St, London

It is the time for my first Christmas post. Liberty’s christmas scheme centres around wildlife and celebrates the nature. The mood is magical yet quite dark.  It is calming to see something inspired by nature at the most commercial time in retail. What is interesting is that the scheme is not wintery at all.

The back walls are covered with blue, green and other earthy coloured glitter material. It is not apparent in the photos but colourful fairy lights are placed on the ceiling. Frogs, caterpillars and butterflies run free… I love the mannequins’ styling. Some of the windows happen in a forest and some are water scenes. The merchandise is a mix of fashion, home wares and other gifts.

I love this caterpillar doll. Very clever!

This tree is covered with Liberty fabrics, and the accessories are displayed on little floating shelves.

Summer 2010 Trend Report: Animal Kingdom

Various, London

Very popular thing for this (dare I say hot) summer in window displays is the animal theme. It can be anything from insects at Aquascutum, deadly snakes at Alexander McQueen and domestic animals at Oasis. Here I show you some of my best finds.

Aquascutum, Regent Street. Almost like from the Hitchcock film The Birds.

Cool elephant pedestals, I like the use of bamboo here.

The Butterfly Catchers. Aquascutum used a very limited colour palette for these, next Tiffany & Co on Bond Street and a lot more colourful butterfly window.

I love these Alexander McQueen windows; the mannequins are a cool touch. It is all based on the collection, which is amazing.

And how much do we love dogs? A lot.

Here at White Stuff for their 25th birthday windows:

And here cute poodles at Oasis. Ahhh. although they could have done them a bit more visible.

I love… Anthropologie Displays This Christmas

Anthropologie, Regent Street, London

Earlier this year I went to New York and discovered the wonderfulness of the American company Anthropologie. They have a store in London now, and couldn’t wait to go and visit. It is a sister company to Urban Outfitters, but with a more romantic, vintage feel to it. They sell beautiful women’s clothes, as well as home products, fashion accessories, decorative antiques and found objects all merchandised together in a perfect harmony. Last time I went there I ended up buying a door knob and a colouring book. Why did I do this? Because I got sucked in, Anthropologie was flirting with me and I got caught up the romantic fantasy. You go in there and end up thinking : ‘I’ve always wanted a book about African interior design, how could I cope without it??’ Anyway, you’ve been warned!

There are only two windows, which was a bit of a disappointment, but the store is large, and the interior displays are probably better than the windows, so although I blog about the windows especially, I will have to mention the insides as well, as it is Anthropologie..  The windows are traditional winter forest scenes with snow, forest animals and silver birches. What I really like about the company’s approach to the design of their displays, is that they are all different one-offs. Where as most chains have the same kit in all their stores across the world, Anthropologie treats all the stores different a bit like individual boutiques. Also they don’t seem to mind if something takes time to do when they constructed this bear out of pieces of paper. Also thumps up for using recycled materials as visual merchandising does waste a lot of materials..

This window showcases their home products, which get me just a little more excited than their fashion.

This is the fashion window, I don’t usually like using busts for fashion, but it does work with the company’s crafty image. It also has some lamps and rabbits (made out of strips of paper) in it.

Like I said their interiors are amazing so I will be talking about them. I didn’t get many pictures myself, so will be posting links to other sources as well. The atmosphere inside is just magical and lovely. The displays are very creative, unique and handmade. In the Regent Street store I saw pillars covered in white knitted material, knitted bundles, organ boards, with lots of keys hanging of them, colourful magpie chandeliers and other bundles of joy!

(source: http://www.biotecture.uk.com/pics/Anthropologie.jpg)

The major attraction is this living green wall consisting of 14 000 different plants. The wall stretches all the way to the top floor.

Photo by Anna Gordon for Guardian.co.uk

Even the sheep are wearing knitwear. So cute!

The massive whale hanging of the ceiling.

The British theme.

I love this dress made out of broken teacups and plates. Also another trick to lure the British customers in.  Thats all folks this time around. Tomorrow heading to Harvey Nicks so expect a report on that very soon!

Luella’s Quirky Christmas Window Displays for Liberty

Liberty, Great Marlborough Street, London

This year the eccentric department store Liberty has teamed up with British designer Luella Bartley, who has a created a very wierd, but quirky take on British christmas traditions. There are animal masks, vodka, graffiti, piles of shoes, drag queen(s). Very punk, and kind of lived in.  I think these windows are like Marmite, you either love them or really don’t.  I am all up for wierd takes on traditional themes, but animal heads.. they freak me out a bit!

It’s the foxy family carrying on with their Christmas activities. I don’t mind these masks because they’re quite friendly looking, and not scary. The dog wall paper is really cool.

These glamorous people are raising money for illegal downloads, go figure! I have to say that I am not a big fan of these heads, not sure what it is about them, maybe the big eyes! Note the Smirnoff bottle in the snow!

This one is panto themed, complete with a pumpkin, a pile of shoes (as in the dressing room?), and a man in a woman’s dress. The large woman’s dress has some cool details; lollies and cute dogs.  It might not be that obvious, but the glass has traditional panto phrases written on it, like ‘He’s behind you!’.

I like the idea of birdhouses to show off little beauty products like these. Not sure what is has to do with the products but that sure is a nice bird! ;)

Really not sure what this window is trying to say, it doesn’t even have that many products in it.  This guy is pretty old school with his stereo, no I-Pods here.. The graffiti is so wierd, but kind of cool and the 80′s head is scary again.

I really like the British heritage trend this season, it’s especially popular in home products.

Table settings are very common thing  to have in Christmas windows, but I like the way Luella made it look lived-in, like there was a party here. Someone’s even left their cardigan behind.

Hope you liked and feel free to add your comments. I will be posting more windows from Regent Street and Oxford Street very soon.