• Confessions of a Window Dresser by Simon Doonan, Studio,1998
  • Fitch on Retail Design by Rodney Fitch and Lance Knobel, Phaidon Press, 1990
  • Green Retail Design by Martin M. Pegler, ST Publications, 2010
  • One-Off: Independent Retail Design by Clare Dowdy, Laurence King Publishing, 2008
  • Power Shop 2: New Retail Design. Volume 1: Fashion, Volume 2: Anything (but fashion) by Clare Lowther and Marlous Willems, Frame Publishers, 2009
  • Stores and Retail Spaces: v. 10, Retail Design Institute, 2009
  • Store Window Design, Loft Publications, 2007
  • Store Windows 16 by Martin M. Pegler, Collins Design, 2008
  • Visual Merchandising: Window and In-Store Displays for Retail by Tony Morgan, Laurence King Publishing, 2008
  • Window Display: New Visual Merchandising by Tony Morgan, Laurence King, 2010
  • Windows of the World by Louis Bou, Collins Design, 2006
  • Windows- The Art of Retail Display by Mary Portas, Thames and Hudson, 1999

TV and Film

  • Beautiful People, BBC 2, Fictional TV series based on the life of Simon Doonan, 2008
  • Mannequin, A film in which a mannequin comes alive!!, 1987
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