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Christian Louboutin at Selfridges

Selfridges, Oxford Street, London

The iconic shoe designer Christian Louboutin celebrates 20 years of a career in shoe design. To mark this milestone Selfridges have dedicated a World of Louboutin concept space within the store, as well as series of windows. Both were designed and produced by London display design company StudioXAG.

The layout of each window celebrates a different shoe in the collection with an effective use of repetition, symmetry and a variation in scale of the 2D printed photoghraphs. The use of mirrors further enchances the repetitive element running through the scheme. The collage of all these elements makes a strong product promotion.

Temporary tattoo transfers are available in the concept store.

Moving graphics have been incorporated into the designs, which you can see by clicking here.

The concept store interiors are very much inspired by Louboutin boutiques including Hollywood style entrance archways, ‘wonder cabinets’ at the entrance and gold plinths with tops in Louboutin’s signiture red. The central focus of the space is the celebratory 20Ans tower, a bespoke acrylic and polished brass display for the limited edition capsule collection.

All photos courtesy of StudioXAG. Set up in 2009 by Xavier Sheriff & Gemma Ruse, StudioXAG specialises in art direction and display design for retail. Projects range from prop making and bespoke installations, to design and production of entire shop refits and nationwide window roll-outs. Their clients include Diesel, Fred Perry, London Graphic Centre & Christian Louboutin.

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Happy Happy Toy-Joy at Selfridges

Selfridges, Oxford St, London

Selfridges windows centre around Christmas top sellers: toys. They delight adults and children alike featuring Barbie and Ken, The Sylvannian families and other top toys. The colourful theme is ‘PLAY’ : the look of the windows is cartoon like pop style with simple line drawing cutouts. Characters Claudius, Rudie and  Twinkle Kid appear in them, I shall point them out in the pictures to come. They also make good Christmas baubles so check them out in the Selfridges Christmas shop if you’re feeling playful!

The Oxford Street windows present different takes on Christmas Day. Here we have Barbie and Ken’s Christmas.

Here they are: Claudius on the left and Twinkle Kid on the right. I don’t know who the middle one is. Here is something you might want to know: Claudius is into Tango and speaks many languages, whereas Twinkle Kid is a bit of a fashionista who was once in a band with Miles Davis.

The Orchard Street windows have been designed by artist Pete Fowler who has created a modern family Christmas with characters we all know and love, including the Shoreditch Trendy Dad, the PR Queen Mum and the Brainbox Daughter.

Marks and Spencer: The Making of a Christmas Window

Marks and Spencer, Oxford Street, London

I was delighted to find a video by SFD of a making of an animated window for M&S. UK-based SFD prides itself as a key international supplier of inspired retail environments. They were commissioned to design a toy window around the idea of a workshop inspired by Wallace and Grommit and Willy Wonka. With over 50 moving parts they have more than answered the brief.

Read the full story by Paul Brooks from SFD of the making of these windows here.

Lanvin for H&M

H&M, Oxford St, London

Yesterday saw the lauch of Lanvin’s collection for H&M in London. It echoed Parisian glamour and attitude. ‘The collection was about trying to translate the dream of luxury to the masses’ says Alber Elbaz, the artistic director of Lanvin. The queues were long, but they were cleverly not in front of the windows! They showcased amongst others the extravagant red tulle dress for women and black tuxedo with jogging style bottoms for men.  Special playful mannequins with drawn on faces were designed just for this lauch.

I really like the TV advert as well. Here is the longer video version. Enjoy:

Bang-the new fragrance by Marc Jabobs

Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge, London

Harvey Nichols have given a whole row of windows for the new men’s fragrance Bang by Marc Jacobs. It is his first new fragrance for a decade and exclusive to Harvey Nics. The window uses diagonal lines and sharp edges to highlight the masculine and powerful image of the fragrance. They’ve used just blacks, whites and greys which I think make them also look quite harsh and cold. The windows look like they’ve been smashed by a MAN, by their BARE HANDS.. Men who are MEN, hard as nails.. you get the idea.

This fragrance is hard as nails as the polystyrene props suggest. They have used hammer and nails as manly props throughout the scheme. The shattered  letters ‘Bang’ are also made of polystyrene and then sprayed black. Each window is also filled with sharp pieces of mirror.

The bottle looks crumpled and is made out of metal. The packaging is contemporary in black and silver. The Facebook page says ‘Bang is fresh, peppery, woody, full of power for the man with an electrifying and youthfull spirit.’

The daring advertising poster starring Marc Jabobs himself. Photo taken from the fragrance Facebook page. Check it out, you can play and ‘bang’ your friends there in a game called ‘Bang You’re It’.