Christmas 2012: jewellery and accessories

Various, Sloane Street area, London

I don’t often do this but I wanted to draw your attention to jewellery and accessory windows as they can often very elaborate or miniature schemes to make such small products stand out. So here are a collection of high-end accessory windows mainly from the Sloane street area in London.



Tiffany and Co 2Tiffany’s.

Tiffany and CoAnother Tiffany’s minuature windows. What a small-scale miracle!



Links of London 2012 ChristmasLinks of London.


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5 Responses to Christmas 2012: jewellery and accessories

  1. Linda Heather-Noon

    Hi, thanks so much for posting these images. I am very interested in any other jewellery display postings you may have as this is a big part of my work but unfortunately I don’t get to travel much and so really appreciate some inspiration from abroad.

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  3. Reblogged this on Becoming Interior Design and commented:
    Bright & Shiny Window Displays from the UK!

  4. Alissa Banks

    I have seen many beautiful windows in carrington nd! You should check it it out!

  5. Very cool. Nice seeing colours other than red and green.

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