Windows to Celebrate The Royal Wedding

Various, London

It has been 30 years since the last royal wedding in England, so it is definitely a unique event. Prince William and Kate Middleton are to marry tomorrow, and here in London it really shows. There is bunting everywhere from streets to front doors of homes and people dressed in blue, red and white.  

The wedding offers a welcome commercial opportunity to shops pushing their home wears, fashions and souvenirs. It is also a celebration of all things British. Most windows featured here will have Union Jack flags in them one way or another.

Liberty of London and the classic Mini.

John Lewis, Oxford Street prepared its customers for the perfect summer party.

Bentalls, Kingston based its windows around typically British themes such as the street party and the summer festival.

Bhs, Oxford Street take this event as a great opportunity to promote their affordable wedding dresses.

A whole lot of bunting at Accesorize.


TopShop and a Union Jack blouse.

Warehouse (top) and River Island both cater for fashion conscious street parties.

12 Responses to Windows to Celebrate The Royal Wedding

  1. Anna Kovacs

    …Great pictures,but what about with Selfridges and Harrods??

  2. How fantastic! Great to see so many retailers getting into the spirit and executing such beautiful displays.

  3. super fun photos! thanks for sharing the peripheral celebrations honoring the royal wedding. so fun for those of us in another land to see. thank you!

  4. OMG! Such a great widows! You people make windows from every event! Liked , hyped , loved!
    Good job! :D

  5. A window for royal wedding is expecting to people to cooperate with their country. You will see that they giving extra attention for their country. The flag of their country placed at the window. They show their love for their country. Clean it regularly to become more pleasing in everyone’s eye.

  6. Just found your blog, sorry. Hope it’s not too late to add another from the U.S. of A.!

  7. Ioannis Flouridis

    Liberty’s idea with the MINI is just so STOLEN from an older and much interesting HERMES display!!!! Do something better!!!

  8. Does anyone have any idea where you can purchase the old window display stock from please!? Email me on if so. Thankyou :-) x

    • Hey! Do you mean where to buy old display props from? The stores usually own them,
      so you would need to contact them directly and also you should check out Recycled Displays!

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