Spring 2011 Trend Reports: Colour-Block Brights

Various, London

Bright, block colour is a major fashion trend this summer. Retailers are utilising on this trend to grab our attention. The stores have not just presenting their bright fashion in the windows, it’s in the window schemes themselves. Bright stock against bright background but also combined with white. Although this trend is mostly about mixing different block coloured together – I have thrown in some bright print windows as well.

Burberry, Brompton Road. Like the concept with the bags and the coloured acrylic, but the stock on the mannequins is a styling mistake..

Louis Vuitton, Sloane Street summer travel themed windows are deliciously coloured. Love the keys in the background.

Prada, Bond Street opted for an orange backdrop for their colourful accessories.

Zara TRF, Oxford Street mix up the coloured fashion with white and trow in some cool bright wigs.

I can’t remember who this is at all (terrible I know..), but nice use of mixing the bright prints with white.

Matthew Williamson capsule bag collection for BVLGARI, Bond Street.

Stella McCartney, Bruton Street. Fruit patterns are a key print in Stella’s summer collection. definitely fresh, but not sure if you would catch me wearing something like this..

11 Responses to Spring 2011 Trend Reports: Colour-Block Brights

  1. Katie the Doll

    The Big Bright Print Skirt and Top are by Jil Sander, I wish it was a dress but I can’t afford it any way :)

  2. I liked the most: 1. Zara TRF, nice use of white and color and 2. the geometric almost fractal background of the BVLGARI one.

  3. Rebecca Gaon

    Its Jil Sander

  4. oh i’m so happy that i found ur blog…. wonderful… beautiful… so so so cool ;)

  5. Absolutely love the fresh appear. I liked the content. Appreciation for a fantastic blog.

  6. Ahhhhh, do I love this blog or what?! I’ll soon be doing the windows and merchandise displays for a friend’s wool shop and this blog is like a treasure chest of goodies. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  7. rajrang
    I like the Bright, block colour is a major fashion trend in this summer.

  8. The one you can’t remember is of Jil Sander :)

  9. These windows are so inspiring, makes me want to run out and immediately do something wild with my windows in my store.
    Great thanks

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