White Christmas on the High Street

Various, Oxford St, Regent St, London

First of all: Merry Christmas everyone! The reoccurring themes this Christmas have been the colour white and snowy scenery, as well as using the colour red. Perhaps the snow we had last year inspired the look of the festive windows this year. And how appropriate it was with all the snow again this winter. Here I look at what the high street retailers created for their shoppers, I say created because most of these windows don’t appear on the streets no more as it is, once again, sale time.

TopShop, Oxford street Christmas windows have a lovely colour scheme of whites, silvers and camels. Brilliantly styled fashion window! Loving the mannequins inside the bauble..

Debenhams, Oxford street would like you to dream of perfect presents. Snow on the ground and large lit snowflakes are the key features in these fashion windows.

Gap, Oxford Street. The white snowy look is contrasted with red glittery presents.

Guess, Regent street.

Miss Selfridge, Oxford Street.

New Look, Oxford Street.

Next, Oxford Street. I like the use of paper snowflakes here. They remind me of my childhood :) !

3 Responses to White Christmas on the High Street

  1. Thanks for sharing, I miss London so much especially all the window display. I use to go out at night when less people and photograph the window displays. I’ll be back regularly and drooling over your blog instead!

  2. your shopwindow snapshots inspire to fly to london immediately for hunting new inspiration & going on shopaholic tournee :-)
    i am gonna fasten my seatbelt at the end of jan and cant await to be in the royal capital and read many new “creARTive” blog reports from you!
    Happy weekstart from vienna,

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