Peter Pan stars in Harrods Christmas Windows

Harrods, Knightsbridge, London

J.M. Barrie, the creator of iconic story Peter Pan was born 150 years ago, and Harrods are celebrating this with their 2010 Christmas windows. They call it a vintage Christmas and it is luxurious as always. The windows are absolutely beautiful and feature classic scenes and characters from the story. To go with this years theme they stock a Peter Pan Collection, which includes Christmas decorations and gifts.

In the story Peter Pan refuses to grow up and flies off to Neverland, makes friends with Tinkerbell, the fairy, mermaids and Indians.

Peter is the leader of his gang The Lost Boys. In this adaptation of the story Peter’s outfit is made out of autumn coloured feathers.

Obviously in the story Peter can fly. I love this miniature London. The whole window looks magical.

Captain Hook, Peter Pans enemy.

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5 Responses to Peter Pan stars in Harrods Christmas Windows

  1. Once again…you have captured this so beautifully. I really enjoy your reviews. Harrods is such a favourite…oh to actually be there….hell, I would be excited to be there even if they were just on sale!

    Well done…really enjoying your blog and sharing your reviews on my FB page.
    Ingrid :-) )

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  3. love the mini london. thanks for the pictures.

  4. Absolutely wonderful! Harrods is such a special place.

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