Harvey Nichols shows the tools of a good window

Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge, London

A pen and some books make great prop making tools when you use them a lot and to make something large-scale. Nails become hammers and books turn into sofas in these clever Harvey Nichols windows.  The colour palette uses black, white and autumn like orange throughout the scheme.

They’ve really nailed this window! ;)

This tree must haven taken FOREVER to put together..

I love it; a man made out of books is reading a book, genius.

A new use for old cassettes, I suppose which no-one uses anymore.

These two are really cool as well, and gathered a crowd at Knightsbridge.

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6 responses to “Harvey Nichols shows the tools of a good window

  1. wow was totally blown away!! great work beautifuly executed giving a great feel for autumn..thanks.

  2. wow this is absolutely stunning! I challenge anyone to not be impressed by this display!!!

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  4. Am new to window displays. Where can I puchase props for displays in the US? Can anyone direct me to a website?

  5. FANTASTIC work very impressed well executed and extremely detailed!

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