Hermes Street Style Windows

Hermes, Bond Street, Sloane Street, London

Hermes’ street style shots with actual accessories attached to them in the windows offers a very refreshing concept. I’ve liked street style fashion photography ever since university; it was our way of finding out new directions in fashion, and a lot of companies use this technique to make their fashion seem like it’s emerging from the streets. Street style blogs are really popular as well, probably most famously done by The Sartorialist. I think this concept is so clever, and in some of the windows you have to look carefully to realise which accessories are in the image or physically there.

All the photos on this post including the actual street shots are by Andrew Meredith.

The watch has been attached to the street style image.

The watch, bracelet, the rings and the scarf are attached to the shot.

Here it is the yellow scarf that is physically there. This concept also lets you see different ways to wear the product on different customer groups.

The bracelet has been added.

The scarf has been added. In some of the images it is a lot more obvious what doesn’t belong to the shot.

It’s really cool they’ve shown this brooch on a classic English gent.

Here it is the scarf, the necklace and the watches.

Both Hermes stores also have one window with just a picture of the street and a mannequin in the front. Shame the mannequins aren’t more realistic. At least they should have heads..

Thank you Andrew Meredith for supplying the photos. Needless to say they are amazing quality.

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3 Responses to Hermes Street Style Windows

  1. What an amazing concept! I love it

  2. I think this is another fav!

    Also would you like to swap blogrolls?

    ill add you too mine now :)


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