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Prop Fiction

Various stores,  Chelsea, London

I am very into props at the moment, and thought I would share some of my favourite props in windows at the moment. I just think props can say so much and create the story, the fiction. Hence the name of the post Prop Fiction. I have also experimented making some of my own props, and if you’re interested check them out at my new blog (I know.. how will I have time for this one too..) at .

Very cute flamingo in Accessorize windows. I do think it has got one or two accessories too many..

Grass skirt in Anthropologie window. They are always worth checking out. The things they come up with are always top class.

Decorated guitar in Harrods’ windows.

Old style bicycle in Traffic People windows.

Old sewing machine, also in Traffic People windows.

Funky plate tables, and a mannequin leg table in Peter Jones windows. The knifes and forks used in the background are effective as well.

Chicken in Ted Baker windows. Made by PLANarama as far as I know.

Silver cowboy boot and a submarine in Thomas Sabo windows.

Flowers made out of wallpaper in Ollie & Nic- windows.

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Harvey Nichols’ Under Water Love

Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge, London

I’m in an absolute awe of this beautiful scheme. The way I read these windows is that they represent a sort of underwater romantic dream. They feature metal structures that seem to be flowing in the water and mannequins in romantic embrace. I might be wrong here, me and Harvey Nics didn’t discuss this matter… To me the structures look like underwater plants, moss and coral.  The colours set the mood; the season’s fashionable pastels are washed out and muted for an almost melancholic romantic look.

I think it’s really cool how the hugging couple are behind the metal props, almost like hiding.

This image came out really nice..:) Loving the make-up and wigs, and the dress, and the props and.. well most things in this really!

I hope I’m not upsetting anyone by saying that these mannequins look so pale they almost look like they’ve drown. It could also be that I am making that association because as soon as I started editing these photos the song When Love and Death Embrace by the Finnish band HIM started playing in my head. I don’t know if many of you know it, but it’s kind of  love metal, both romantic and melancholic.

Shipwrecked? These menswear side windows consist of rope mostly which is also used in the wigs. Also luggage, clothes and accessories have dropped to the bottom of the sea.

Here goes, nice close-up for you.

Can I just remind that I own the copyright for all my images, and I would like you not to use them without a permission.

Alice in Harrods Wonderland

Harrods, Brompton Road, London

Harrods have based their windows on Alice’s adventures in the Wonderland. The windows have black and white stripe backdrops, and almost all the scenes happen around large tables. They feature all kinds of Alice-props from teacups to alarm clocks, flamingos to bunnies, and Cheshire Cats to Mad Hatters. And a Harrods window would not be complete without a grand chandelier. Some of them have really cool coloured lights that keep changing colour. So some of my snaps might not be the way you saw the windows!

Needless to say that I love the oversize tea-cup! All of the windows are very busy with products and props all over the place, a bit of a chaos like some of the storylines in Alice. Just click on the pictures to study them further.

Teacups and cutlery nyloned to look like they’re falling down the rabbit hole? If you’re looking for a cool tea-cup you can definitely find one in Harrods.

Kind of a garden scene with the green colour. Also note the grass on the table and in the chandelier.

I really like this Mad Hatter window. It is to a very small-scale, so the table and the tea party looks really cool.

Another small-scale on with a bunny vinyl cutout on the glass.

Greetings from Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, Israel

As some of you already know I went on a holiday to Tel Aviv, Israel. It was a very welcome break, it was warm, I had some good local food, met nice people and of course saw some local window displays. Tel Aviv is no London when it comes to display, but I did see some good ideas, and an Israeli fashion retailer Castro impressed me with their Alice in Wonderland windows. I hear they’re fast raising the bar because of the likes of Hennes coming into town.

Castro are lucky to be partnered with Disney and Tim Burton with their Alice In Wonderland windows.

Cool hair!

Yeah they sell really cool Alice T-shirts! I feel ashamed I didn’t get one. Has everyone seen the film? I still haven’t, but I might wait untill the DVD now.

Is that a very, very big Alice in there?

Same chain but in a different location. Still some elements of the Alice – the grass.

A chain called Factory 54, I like this poster.

They really seem to love their Adidas in Israel.

A sunglasses store with mosaic interior and exterior. It might not work in England, but it’s great in a warm country like Israel.

Another tiled shop front. Hope you liked my holiday window report. I will be back shortly with London stuff.