Prop Fiction

Various stores,  Chelsea, London

I am very into props at the moment, and thought I would share some of my favourite props in windows at the moment. I just think props can say so much and create the story, the fiction. Hence the name of the post Prop Fiction. I have also experimented making some of my own props, and if you’re interested check them out at my new blog (I know.. how will I have time for this one too..) at .

Very cute flamingo in Accessorize windows. I do think it has got one or two accessories too many..

Grass skirt in Anthropologie window. They are always worth checking out. The things they come up with are always top class.

Decorated guitar in Harrods’ windows.

Old style bicycle in Traffic People windows.

Old sewing machine, also in Traffic People windows.

Funky plate tables, and a mannequin leg table in Peter Jones windows. The knifes and forks used in the background are effective as well.

Chicken in Ted Baker windows. Made by PLANarama as far as I know.

Silver cowboy boot and a submarine in Thomas Sabo windows.

Flowers made out of wallpaper in Ollie & Nic- windows.

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6 Responses to Prop Fiction

  1. Love the use of moss…a very versatile product for Spring windows.

  2. I agree, there is a lot of it out there at the moment!

  3. Kiitos mielenkiintoisesta blogista. Aiheesta ei ole paljonkaan tietoa tai sivustoja olemassa. Hienoja kuvia on ilo katsella. :)

  4. Great post :-) thanks. I have been on a prop finding mission the past 2 weeks (what fun) driving around the back streets of Cape Town hunting for used items. I love the idea of reusing instead of manufacturing. The possibilities are endless.

  5. The “Very cute flamingo” in the Accessorize window display was supplied by Sarah Feather Design. I believe she also supplied the window props for the very beautiful White Company Christmas window

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