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Spring 2010 Trend Reports: Denim Windows

Various locations, London

I am introducing trend reports, in which I will look at specific areas of window display whether it is mannequin styling,  seasonal display trends; shapes, colours or materials, or purely just looking at how different stores have approach fashion or decorating trends. Or something.. It’s all experimental this blogging business ;) Anyway this report is about denim, which is being heavily promoted in stores every spring, and quite often you will find good offers. This spring stores are keeping colours simple: just using classic blue jeans with white and maybe some grey. Or doing just that but adding one bright colour is popular approach too.

Gap has being doing denim just over 40 years and their jeans are pretty good.  Sorry their offer is not on anymore (I’ve being too slow posting..). Other than promoting the offer their fashion statement is to wear denim with denim. Can be a tricky style to pull off..

I like the denim flag pennants.

Baby Gap.

Esprit: styled mannequins as well as jeans hanging from the ceiling with orange pegs.

Calvin Klein Jeans, window just using nylon to hang loads of blue and white denim. Simple but effective? I would like to see more of the fit of the jeans.

New Look, a promotional window for specific denim on offer.

Young fashion brand Bershka are also using the classic denim colours: blues, whites and some grey.

Now I have to admit that I can’t remember who this window belongs to.. i am sure I wrote it when I was taking the pic, but on some random piece of paper, go figure. But it’s on Regent Street. Here is the use of brights with denim I mentioned earlier, and quite a few elements: frames, measuring tapes, and scissors. All of which refer to customizing?

New York yellow has landed into London. Denim with belts around them, I like the unorganised piles that the jeans are in and the letters with wire around them.

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The Zara Special

Zara, Oxford St, Regent St, Brompton Rd, London

Zara do so well with their windows every time so I decided to put together a little Zara special for us. Their mannequins always have the look of the moment, great styling and window concepts with interesting stories especially in the Oxford Street branch windows. They have two different takes on their windows: a stylish and sophisticated one for the Zara main line and a funkier one for TRF, the collection for the teen shopper.

The airport lounge windows at Oxford Street. Remember that Virgin Atlantic advert? It’s that sort of coolness. Airports fascinate me, so yes I like this!

Girlies waiting. Love the way they put mannequins together to make stories. Yes, the props help, but you know what I mean..

Check out the DOG! BTW, I am not warming up to the military style this spring. It’s too Cheryl Cole.

The cabin crew. Now imagine the music from that Virgin advert.

Ooops, she’s fallen over. Note the glamorous cleaner in the right hand corner.

Brompton Road store has this scheme which I have seen in most of their windows across London, with these flies in them. Little bit random, but they’re kind of cool. Now that the weather is warming up, we will have real flies in our windows, which is NOT cool. For some reason flies tend to commit very public suicides in windows..Another Oxford St. store has these shadows in them together with other elements from the main scheme like the flies and the balls. They have opted for different style mannequins for this. Oh well, at least they have heads. I am not a fan of headless mannequins normally, and I will discuss this big ‘headless verses with heads’- debate further later on.

Window for their TRF-line, similar theme with the props.

Another TRF window, same scheme but different hair and styling. Not sure if I like the connected circles on the back wall. They have really cool styling in these windows and I do have more photos, but I will post them together with a special styling posting, so wait for that one!

Be Stupid, Be Brave

Diesel, Earlham Street, London

French Connection, Oxford Street, London

In their current advertising campaign Diesel are telling us to Be Stupid. ‘Smart listens to the head. Stupid listens to the heart’ and ‘Smart may have the brains, but stupid has the balls’ are just some of their many slogans in the campaign.  I already live by this mantra, so I don’t really need them to be telling me this but I’m glad they are! In a way they’re telling us to live in the moment and to be brave. Be Brave is exactly what French Connection wants us to be hence the combined post. ‘The man should be brave’ they declare, and also the man is wearing bunny ears, which is kinda stupid right?

I love this Diesel campaign, I even have the T-shirt! (Well, only because it came free with Dazed and Confused- magazine.) The pictures of the windows don’t show the campaign that well, so if you’re interested to find out more go to .

The French Connection campaign is all about different mantras for men and women; how men should be and what a woman should wear for example. It’s all done in a black and white polaroid-style photography featuring one model to be The Man (who is this bearded fella who looks like the guy out of The Hangover!!), and one model to be The Woman.

The windows are mostly covered with photography apart from 8 mannequins all wearing similar clothing and same poses and bunny ears.