Designers at Sloane Street Part 2

Various shops, Sloane Street, London

More Christmas windows from the fashion street in London. Enjoy the beauty while it’s still there. Soon it’s all change to sale windows, somebody please surprise me with something good…

It’s gorgeous red heads at Chanel! I love the cardboard head pieces, that have all sorts of Chanel products on them: sun glasses, perfume bottles, shoes, jewellery, etc.  I have a thing about chairs in windows, especially if they’re piled up high. Pile ‘em up Chanel! The only thing I would fault is the gold fabric. It looks a little tacky, and you see this sort of thing in charity shop windows. If I would have done something else with the floor at least.

Paule Ka and a preview of their spring lines. Maybe that explains then unusual yellow background for Christmas. I like the graphic trees.

Neon lights at Gucci in animal shapes.

More excellent paper art this time at Tiffany’s. It’s in such a small-scale for jewellery and so well done.

Luxury and sumptuous at Dolce and Gabbana. Nothing is too much for them.

2 Responses to Designers at Sloane Street Part 2

  1. I’m kind of sad that tiffanys is the same in London as it is in NY. Almost takes the magic away for me, although I think the pieces they choose for ny are better.

    Thanks for the comment :)

  2. Britain has gone agnostic!!!
    Feathered manequies half dressed for parties crystal and fairy scenes and nothing ,absolutly nothing related to the real meaning of the event “the birth of Christ”.
    Britain is no longer…Britain ceased to be …
    Noone has the courage to even face reality…
    Claude Chalifour

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