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Luella’s Quirky Christmas Window Displays for Liberty

Liberty, Great Marlborough Street, London

This year the eccentric department store Liberty has teamed up with British designer Luella Bartley, who has a created a very wierd, but quirky take on British christmas traditions. There are animal masks, vodka, graffiti, piles of shoes, drag queen(s). Very punk, and kind of lived in.  I think these windows are like Marmite, you either love them or really don’t.  I am all up for wierd takes on traditional themes, but animal heads.. they freak me out a bit!

It’s the foxy family carrying on with their Christmas activities. I don’t mind these masks because they’re quite friendly looking, and not scary. The dog wall paper is really cool.

These glamorous people are raising money for illegal downloads, go figure! I have to say that I am not a big fan of these heads, not sure what it is about them, maybe the big eyes! Note the Smirnoff bottle in the snow!

This one is panto themed, complete with a pumpkin, a pile of shoes (as in the dressing room?), and a man in a woman’s dress. The large woman’s dress has some cool details; lollies and cute dogs.  It might not be that obvious, but the glass has traditional panto phrases written on it, like ‘He’s behind you!’.

I like the idea of birdhouses to show off little beauty products like these. Not sure what is has to do with the products but that sure is a nice bird! ;)

Really not sure what this window is trying to say, it doesn’t even have that many products in it.  This guy is pretty old school with his stereo, no I-Pods here.. The graffiti is so wierd, but kind of cool and the 80′s head is scary again.

I really like the British heritage trend this season, it’s especially popular in home products.

Table settings are very common thing  to have in Christmas windows, but I like the way Luella made it look lived-in, like there was a party here. Someone’s even left their cardigan behind.

Hope you liked and feel free to add your comments. I will be posting more windows from Regent Street and Oxford Street very soon.

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A Cracking Christmas at Selfridges

Selfridges, Oxford Street, London

This year Selfridges have gone with a British panto theme (Cinderella, Snow White, Jack and the Beanstalk..) and it’s all theatrical and loads of fun, and very glam too. I love it!! All the windows are red with velvet curtains, teal and pink boubles, very garish strong colours. There’s facepaint on mannequins, lots of animal figures, lightbulb letters (how else would I describe them..?), union jacks..
They also sell panto themed products in store.