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Bentalls, Kingston, Greater London

With this post I take you to the suburbs of South West London, so you probably haven’t seen these windows even if you live in London. They belong to Bentalls, a department store in Kingston. They can do pretty much their own thing in their windows, because they’re not a big chain, but they are a part of Fenwick. All the windows are bright and summery, just what you need on a grey day like today in London. The theme is nautical and the painted back walls have vinyl repetitions of anchors etc. The slogan is (if you wondered why the title) Bentalls-On-Sea- Wish You Were ‘Ere.

Superdry. I like the shovels, they make this look really playful and fun.

Swimwear by Panache and Esprit. All the windows also have Polaroid looking images of the relevant brands.

All the stock is by Fred Perry.

Stock from Vilebrequin.

The two above both have Joules stock in them.

Great Plains.

Scotch and Soda.

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Harvey Nichols’ Under Water Love

Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge, London

I’m in an absolute awe of this beautiful scheme. The way I read these windows is that they represent a sort of underwater romantic dream. They feature metal structures that seem to be flowing in the water and mannequins in romantic embrace. I might be wrong here, me and Harvey Nics didn’t discuss this matter… To me the structures look like underwater plants, moss and coral.  The colours set the mood; the season’s fashionable pastels are washed out and muted for an almost melancholic romantic look.

I think it’s really cool how the hugging couple are behind the metal props, almost like hiding.

This image came out really nice..:) Loving the make-up and wigs, and the dress, and the props and.. well most things in this really!

I hope I’m not upsetting anyone by saying that these mannequins look so pale they almost look like they’ve drown. It could also be that I am making that association because as soon as I started editing these photos the song When Love and Death Embrace by the Finnish band HIM started playing in my head. I don’t know if many of you know it, but it’s kind of  love metal, both romantic and melancholic.

Shipwrecked? These menswear side windows consist of rope mostly which is also used in the wigs. Also luggage, clothes and accessories have dropped to the bottom of the sea.

Here goes, nice close-up for you.

Can I just remind that I own the copyright for all my images, and I would like you not to use them without a permission.

Spring on Bond Street

Bond Street, London

There was a spring in my step when I visited Bond Street- the main luxury shopping street in London. Sales are now over, and it’s all about the new season. The highlights for me were the cut-out outfits at Hermes (who are fast becoming one of my favourites when it comes to windows), a pair of kick-ass Prada heels and the nautical luxury at Ralph Lauren.

The Burberry flagship store windows pretty much consist of golden pedestal blocks, check patterned hanging elements and headless mannequins. The faces of  their spring/summer 2010 campaign, British actress Emma Watson and the indie boy of the band One Night Only serve as a backdrop. The fashion statement is all about pretty macs and dresses for women and preppy pastels for men.

I used to make loads of clothes for my paper dolls when I was young, so no wonder I like the idea taken into these displays at Hermes.

This gorgeous pair of shoes can be found in the Prada windows. Yes, please!!

These surreal hallways remind me of Alice in Wonderland with the countless small doorways. When is the Tim Burton Alice film coming out anyways?

This tiny bit freaky mannequin and Mulberry bags ride a carousel.

We are sailing – in a very luxury way at Ralph Lauren.