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Project Ocean at Selfridges

Selfridges, Oxford St, London

‘The ocean is a source of food, a place for recreation, and its beauty has inspired countless artists. But, it’s under threat – from over-fishing and poor fishing practices.’ This is the message that is laid out in the run of Selfridges’ Oxford Street windows. The results are a fun way of educating the customer, raising money for a good cause and reassuring the customer that Selfridges is an ethical store  to buy their fish from.

For more information about Project Ocean click here.

Photographs by Robert Gunning.

Robert Gunning studied Photography at Institute of Technology in Sligo, Ireland, following a move to London joined the famous Camera Club in Bowden street and assisted other photographers.

Robert also worked in Selfridges Head Office for many years shooting both A-list events promotions and supporting internal VM projects. 20 of Robert’s prints which were publicly exhibited at the stores recent huge Centenary Celebrations. Magazine and press publications of his images, included Hello, The Guardian, Evening Standard and The Washington Post.

Robert runs a photography business in London and offers clients very competitive quotes on bespoken photography projects, contact for more details.