French Connection Ogles You With Moving Image

French Connection, Oxford Street, Kingston, London

I think using movement in windows is definitely a trend in rising. You walk past these French Connection black and white lenticular photos and they give you the illusion of movement. It is a technique especially used in collectable children’s cards. I remember having some when I was a kid. But instead of holding the images in your hand and adjusting the viewing angle, you walk past them for different angle. It is really clever way of capturing the attention of passers-by. I wish I’d be able to record this with a video camera, but instead I’m showing two images from different viewing angles.  I recommend going to your nearest French Connection store to have a look for yourself. I had a bit of a dance in front of them (for other people’s amusement!) trying to capture all the movement in the photos.

Kingston store’s women’s window.

At first the girl has her eyes open.

You walk past and the girl closes her eyes.

Walk to your right and the girl in the car looks at you. Somehow a little spooky as well. I’m sure something like this has been done before, but I found these windows very refreshing to see.

In some the movement is quite subtle and you almost have to ‘spot the difference’.

The man steps closer to the sinks.

Here he turns to look at you.

Oxford Street had placed the portraits instead of mannequin heads – same for men and women. Otherwise the images were the same as in Kingston. I do recommend going to see these!

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8 responses to “French Connection Ogles You With Moving Image

  1. I believe the technique is called lenticular images and one such site for learning is
    Holographic images are made with lasers. Another type of interesting product is lumisty film go to and click on “Lumisty”…the look changes as you walk by a window, but it can be expensive to apply.

  2. Lucky Lucky you – I would really love to see this. I have seen the Man & Woman black and white photo’s – really clever. Now this is taking it even further and adding the movement – I love it and am really very jealous I would love to see this – thank you for sharing

  3. Saw this in Soho the other day. I really think these are beyond clever for FCUK.

  4. These are Lenticulars graphics.We can produce these for anyone intrested please email

  5. Thanks you Carl, I’m changing the incorrect info! ;)

  6. Hi, I am thinking of printing a personalised lenticular graphics card as a gift. So far, I have only found companies that does it in bulk (corporate gifts, promotional merchandise, etc). Does anyone know of any shop/supplier that does it?

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