Be Stupid, Be Brave

Diesel, Earlham Street, London

French Connection, Oxford Street, London

In their current advertising campaign Diesel are telling us to Be Stupid. ‘Smart listens to the head. Stupid listens to the heart’ and ‘Smart may have the brains, but stupid has the balls’ are just some of their many slogans in the campaign.  I already live by this mantra, so I don’t really need them to be telling me this but I’m glad they are! In a way they’re telling us to live in the moment and to be brave. Be Brave is exactly what French Connection wants us to be hence the combined post. ‘The man should be brave’ they declare, and also the man is wearing bunny ears, which is kinda stupid right?

I love this Diesel campaign, I even have the T-shirt! (Well, only because it came free with Dazed and Confused- magazine.) The pictures of the windows don’t show the campaign that well, so if you’re interested to find out more go to .

The French Connection campaign is all about different mantras for men and women; how men should be and what a woman should wear for example. It’s all done in a black and white polaroid-style photography featuring one model to be The Man (who is this bearded fella who looks like the guy out of The Hangover!!), and one model to be The Woman.

The windows are mostly covered with photography apart from 8 mannequins all wearing similar clothing and same poses and bunny ears.

One Response to Be Stupid, Be Brave

  1. what are the models names?

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