Soft Focus on Liberty

Liberty of London, Great Marlborough Street, London

The most prominent fashion trend for this spring is soft and feminine with dusky pastel colours. Liberty’s window scheme compliments this trend with pastels and floral wallpaper, flower bundles made of paper tissue, beautiful Stella McCartney dresses, dreamy mannequins, and big grey big hair!

The dreamy aesthetic of photographer Sarah Moon was the inspiration for the scheme. Maxine Groucutt, the head of visual identity at the department store elaborates: “When I look at her photographs of women I  feel like I have stumbled into a private moment. Somehow that moment doesn’t feel awkward or uncomfortable, it’s more about witnessing something you should have seen.”

I love the pose and the mannequins expression, it’s like she is escaping something but stuck at the same time. Great idea to stick the hair to the wall. Hair is the best styling statement throughout the series.

This almost happened to me when I was curling my hair the other week: my hair got caught in this curling brush, I couldn’t get it off it, and had to cut myself free!! I was absolutely devastated.. But I am sure this is not accidental.. It’s either about women self-harming themselves OR it’s ment to be liberating, like setting yourself free.  What do you guys think? Am I digging too deep here?

Detail of the above window.

Branding letters cut out of newspaper.

Paint splatters and the actual cans left in the window as props.

This is probably my favorite of the series, love the crazy hair, the dresses and the fabric flowers ( which I will learn how to make- one day).

I doubt I am the only one who is investing in nudes, greys and pastels this spring. Feeling romantic now!

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3 Responses to Soft Focus on Liberty

  1. love the liberty windows they are my favourite… bringing in the pastels at work tommorrow hurray.

  2. This has to be my favourite window so far!

    Nice blog, Ive just started a visual blog so its nice to get some inspiration! Ive just got back from paris and Nina Ricci is just beautiful!! Just trying to find the time to post! hehe

    Out of curiosity where do you work? Im hoping to go into visual merchandising, at uni at the moment and interning and just find my self drawn to windows!!

    Best Wishes


    • have even taken a few pictures in the lot of Walgreens, but you didn’t hear that from me). My seistr is in their wedding this August, and I loved having her tag along for our

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